6 Inseng – Korean Ginseng

Authentic 6 Year Quality Ginseng

Our six (6) year old Korean ginseng is grown and sourced from Geumsan, origin of authentic Panax ginseng (Goryeo) cultivated for over 1500 years. Korean Ginseng grown here is of the absolute highest quality and potency, well documented to have the highest number (almost 40) and concentrations of key Ginsenosides or saponins, (Rg1, Rg3, Rb1, Rh1, Rh2, Rk1, and Rg5) of any Ginseng species in the world.

Furthermore our Ginseng is G-Marked; authenticated true Geumsan ginseng of the highest quality; GAP, GMP and HACCP processed, certified and manufactured in Geumsan to the highest standards from seed to final product with full traceability.

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