The Promise: Better Cannabis Strains, Faster

Demonstrate the real-world utility of our innovations

We believe solving major issues for both indoor and outdoor cultivation requires direct hands-on capabilities in both sectors. Advanced bench level R&D capabilities combined with high tech speed breeding grow allows us to rapidly develop strains for both indoor and outdoor cultivation applications, and to evaluate them in real time/world environments. We envision possibilities.

Disease resistance

  • One of our first targets is resistance to powdery mildew, one  of the most devastating threats to cannabis cultivation world-wide and affecting at least 5-10% of all cultivation.
  • Ou Second target is natural plant derived insecticides, antifungals

Improved robustness

  • Developing enhanced cultivars via our MAGIC and NextGem speed breeding programs of ancient landrace, drug type germplasm with hybrid cannabis strains and hemp cultivars.
  • Trichome and cannabinoid oils yield optimization (trichomes are the primary source of cannabinoids & terpenes)

Optimized medical strains

  • Condition-specific drug formulation strains for key global diseases > $500B
  • Cannabis is indicated in treating anxiety, sleep distrubances, pain and depression

Our Business Focus

Indoor Cultivation

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Indoor cultivation is plagued with a myriad of cultivation disease issues, including powdery mildew, thribs, mites, aphids and other insect predators. Additionally, much of the current producer landscape consists of relatively weak hybrid cultivar varieties that are forced into “scaled” commercial cultivation

Outdoor Cultivation

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Outdoor cultivation en mass requires a deep understanding of agricultural biotechnology disciplines and advanced breeding programs to ensure cultivars are bred for production success. Using proprietary breeding strategies we will rapidly increase diversity and new outdoor cultivars for cannabis drug type and hemp.

Increased Yields

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Trichomes are the glands of the Cannabis Plant and accumulate the majority for the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids or “flower-essence” of the Plant. Improved yields of just 10-15% in trichome density, size and plant distribution would boost the current global market supply at least 3Billion worth of product.