Robert close up

Mr. Robert Davidson

President, CEO

Robert is a seasoned Life Sciences Executive with 30 Years experience in cutting edge sciences. He is a strategic team builder and leader.

Ms. Mehrnaz Razavi

Chief Operating Officer, COO

A polished Executive Mehrnaz brings over 20+ Years of Intl. business experience, including offices in Dubai and Seoul and a Cambridge MBA.

Mr. Sina Rezai

Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Incorporated Partner for “Farmanara & Rezai CPA LLP” Director; CPA, CA. A talented financial executive with a proactive managerial style.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Norrie Russell

Chairman, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Global Head Biological Science and Technology Astrazeneca Rx 20 years, seasoned Life Sciences executive, CSO and CEO for over 20 years in several innovative biotechnology companies.

Dr. Jon Chesnut

Science Director SAB

Global R&D Leader ThermoFisher; GeneTherapy and Cell Biology Division. World renowned inventor of numerous, cutting edge genetic engineering technologies.

Dr. Gurdev Khush

Breeding & Genetics

UC Davis; Intl. renowned Plant Breeder and Scientist. Multiple Award Winner: Wolf Prize Israel, Japan Prize, World Food Prize, Borlag Award, and a Member of the NAS.

Mr. Terry Roycroft

Cannabis Consultant, Clinics

One of Canada’s Premier Cannabis Consultants, Terry is a pioneer in patient advocacy with the first Canadian cannabis clinics. Enlightens’ patient program lead.

Research and Development Team

We are a team of creative thinkers and visionaries, with a diverse range of complimentary skill sets.

We believe our ideas are realized and made stronger through collaboration, that creative ideas shine brighter when bright minds join discussion in the effort to establish the best path forward.

Each of our team offers unique, proprietary intellectual property and or know how to accomplish our goals.

The cannabis industry is in it’s infancy with numerous issues identified, each of which requires a timely, effective solution.

Drawing from the lessons of agricultural biotechnology, we encompass a science-driven, non GMO strategy into each of our cannabis research programs.

We look forward to engaging with our partners in a mutually rewarding journey of bio-discovery in cannabis.

Dr. Paul Predki

Lead R&D and Scientific Advisor

Co-Founder of Iridia DNA Storage, Ex VP Life Technologies R&D, Co-Founder of Protometrix, Paul is an accomplished serial biotech entrepreneur.

Dr. Guri Johal

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Professor Purdue University, Ex Dupont/Pioneer Hi-bred Agri Biotech Sr. Scientest, one of the worlds most renowned, innovative corn geneticists.

Dr. Ali Reza Salami

Plant Genetics, Rare Germplasm

University Tehran, Ali is an accomplished Geneticist. Only gov. licensed R&D cannabis cultivation, rare germplasm drug type Indicas; natural wild type

Dr. Nasser Yalpani

Plant Transgenics, Disease Resistance

Ex- Senior Scientist Dupont/Pioneer Hi-bred Ag Biotech. Nasser’s specialty is plant disease and insect resistance.

Dr. Rudi Grimm

Analytics, Science Project Management

Ex Global market development proteomics and metabolomics Agilent, strategic academic collaborations. Specialty analytical instrumentation, metabolomics.

Dr. Kumar Bala

Project Management, USDA Liaison

Ex- Dupont/Pioneer Hi-bred Agri Biotech, an experienced life sciences executive in both genomics and proteoomics.  Liaison USDA technology transfer.

Ms. Ellen Yang

Cultivation; Master Cannabis Grower

With over 20 years of premium cannabis cultivation experience, Ellen has garnered a reputation for quality. Her interests are in organic and living soil cultivation.

Dr. S. Khatodia

Qualified R&D Facilities Management

Surender is a qualified laboratory supervisor, with deep plant tissue culture and molecular biology experience. He is also author of several technical publications.